What Are Electronic Cigarettes and Are They Safe

Electronic cigaretteGlad you stumbled upon Ecig Fellow’s electronic cigarette blog. I guessed you already guessed it right – we are talkng about e-cigs and vaping here. Thanks for visiting and hope you’ll find all the answers to your vaping questions here.

Electronic cigarettes are not a new trend. But they have started to get noticed only in the past few years. The reality is that e-cigarettes have been around for quite some time. They were invented because we have realized how dangerous tobacco smoking is.

What are electronic cigarettes?

If you’re familiar about fog machines, the devices are essentially like those things. It is a battery-operated fog machine that converts a liquid into vapor. It is essentially water vapor being inhaled instead of tobacco smoke. There is a difference right there. Unlike water vapor, tobacco smoke is one of the deadliest things in the entire universe. Tobacco smoke features thousands of chemicals as mainstays and some of them are cancer-causing.

Vaping e-cigsThe chemicals are the ones that cause problems. They are the ones that cause health problems ranging from cancers, heart and lung ailment and even erectile dysfunction among others. This is the reason that the push towards tobacco elimination has been stronger than before.

Electronic cigarettes promise to be a safer alternative to smoking. The deal is that only the nicotine is retained and other chemicals that is found in tobacco smoke is removed. The net effect becomes the vapor produced by vapes. The vapors are not exactly pristine. We have to take into consideration that the water vapor produced by electronic cigarettes are not 100 percent pure. One thing about the vapors is the fact that it has nicotine. Nicotine is not the major source of the smoking problem. It is the other chemicals that are being produced by the smoke that cause the problem.

Electronic cigarettes operate on the foundation of harm reduction. It does not completely take away the harm but seeks to reduce it. This is in the hope that it can be used as a nicotine replacement therapy that addresses not only the therapeutic needs, but also the behavioral aspect. Nicotine replacement products such as nicotine gums and nicotine patches have been in the market for so long. Yet, despite being available, the products have not been a significant game changer.

So they are popular?

The popularity of these devices have been hailed positively by users and disdained by opposition. Opposition thinks that the popularity and continued ubiquity of the devices can be a disaster and could derail the effort of tobacco control. More and more Americans have been using vapes. It is estimated that there are a million American now vaping. A British charity commissioned a survey and found out that there are about two million British now vaping. Around the world, there is an estimated four million people vaping. This is still far from the billion people around the world smoking. About 300 million smokers are in China, about 100 million are in India and a copious amount of smokers are found in America that number at around 41 million smokers.

Are e-cigs safe to smoke?

eGo e-cigarettesWe don’t know if these products are absolutely safe. There is no study that can prove that 100 percent safety. Then again, most of the products that we use in everyday lives also have some degree of risk. There have been studies saying they are safe and some say that they carry the same chemicals as tobacco products.

The study made by the Roswell Cancer Center said that tank systems or modified electronic cigarettes carry a concerning amount of cancer-causing formaldehyde. Tank systems are only a segment of the electronic cigarette industry. Most of the products that have been sold are all disposables that do not have any indication that carries offensive chemicals.

A Drexel University study said that the vapors that are being produced by the vapes do not cause short-term health problems. The study found out that the vapors have chemicals that are also found in tobacco products. But, the key here to understand the situation is the fact that the chemicals in electronic cigarettes are a thousand time fewer compared to the tobacco smoke.

This is where the line has been drawn. Electronic cigarettes have the capacity to save lives. It is important that pertinent government regulations will ensure that standards are set to prevent the contamination of the products and become deadly.